Thursday, 19 March 2015

Do diet pills make you put on weight?

Do diet pills make you put on weight rather than lose weight?

There are so many diet products available these days, all claiming how you can shed the pounds - many saying, without even having to change what you eat - and is it pounds body weight that people are losing OR pounds cash!

Its always important to approach any of these "wonder" pills with common sense and always ask your doctor if you are unsure in anyway - especially when ordering from the internet from a company you may have never heard of before and if you want to look at ways you can lose weight naturally and keep the weight off, then Hypnotherapy and Gastric Band Hypnotherapy combined with other techniques is a very successful approach

Many people take diet pills out of desperation, after years and years of yo-yo dieting and often by drastic means like living off eating only cabbage soup! So in their desperation after reading these adverts promising wonders they think they have finally found their answer when the only true way to successfully lose weight long term is a lot more involved than just popping a pill, its about getting to the root cause of why someone is over weight, why they eat what they do, portion size, the types of food, their emotional wellbeing, lifestyle and much much more

Many diet pills reduce appetite, which is often the main appeal as portion size is playing a role in why someone is over weight and for many people it can be the total opposite and the lack of food which is having them gain weight!

So many people I work with, regularly skip meals and can often go all day without eating, then by the end of the day, they are so hungry they pick all the wrong foods OR many just don't get hungry and are eating for emotional reasons like stress

I find that people are almost "scared" of their appetite and feeling hungry as they don't feel that they can control what they eat or the amount they eat, so take diet pills in the hopes the pills will do that for them.....what can often then happen, because many diet pills contain caffeine and other substances that suppress appetite, a person can, rather then just eat less, easily skip meals which isn't healthy for them plus the substances in the pills can then start effecting their sleep, which then effects their mood, which then effects their eating habits

Going for long periods of time without eating, puts the body into what is called "starvation mode" the Metabolic Rate slows down and when food is put into the body, body fat is stored, so this is why the more people diet the more their weight keeps increasing as starving the body means that the % body fat will keep increasing

Its important to get the Metabolic Rate working properly, which we do via Hypnotherapy, to also get portion sizes under control, which we do via Gastric Band Hypnotherapy and also address the underlying roots and reasons that caused someone to be over weight in the first place, get their confidence and will power back, motivation is also key and learning how to have consistent motivation and then when a person has a positive, healthy and controlled relationship with food, they can lose weight naturally at a health and steady rate

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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

How does Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Work?

Have you ever wondered how Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Works and how this differs from the actual surgery?

Firstly Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is without any anaesthetics or physical intervention so is totally safe, secondly Gastric Band Hypnotherapy when combined with other forms of Hypnotherapy enables you to change your relationship with food and also eat smaller portions

Many people don't have an "off button" when it comes to food, so even when they are eating healthily they have a tendency to eat too much because their mind and body aren't telling them that they are full. This is also a very typical experience for those who emotional eat, because they are eating for reasons other than hunger they never seem to get full

Eating for the right reasons and also knowing when we are full are so very key to losing weight successfully and also keeping the weight off. When you combine Hypnotherapy and Gastric Band Hypnotherapy you are able to achieve this

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy works with the Unconscious Mind to create a Hypnotic Band that like the physical band, enables people to get full more quickly.

Techniques like Time Line Therapy ® and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) are very powerful when combined with Hypnotherapy to enable people to break out of negative habits and behaviours, gain confidence and self esteem and boost their will power and motivation so they lose weight in a healthy way and also are able to maintain a healthy body weight

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Monday, 16 December 2013

How not to lose your rag

5 top tips on how to stay calm when someone is annoying you

 How to not lose your rag with annoying colleagues

1 – Look up, when you look up you access the visual cortex of the brain and so therefore taking yourself out of thinking and feeling – great for controlling how you feel
2 – take a deep breath, our breath has a huge impact on how we feel and when we tense up we tend to shorten our breath – breathe from the diaphragm this will quickly change how you feel
3 – see it from their point of view, from the studies of NLP and how the mind works we all have our own indvidual way of dealing with things, often what causes people to lose their rag or find people annoying is because they are not the same as us.....realise that people are different and maybe its just their way of being
4 – talk to them...human beings are fantastic “mind reading machines”.....if someone's doing something that annoys you TELL its highly likely that they are unaware of this and 9  times out of 10 the person will be totally unaware of what they were doing and so happily change their behaviours....if we don’t communicate this to them, they are not to know and will potentially keep doing the same thing that annoys you
5 – take 5 – get up and change your physiology, as well as breath there is a huge link in with how you hold your body and how you feel, by standing up and changing how you are holding yourself you will be able to quickly change how you feel

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Monday, 9 December 2013

The benefits of learning NLP

Why would you want to learn NLP?

Do you find that no matter how much you want to achieve your goals, for some reason you just cant keep the motivation going long enough to achieve them? Maybe you know what you want to achieve and then something inside of you questions whether you can or not? Do you often see others around you who seem to be achieving so much more than you and you would love to know their secret?

NLP which stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming is the study of Human Excellence and came from studying people who excelled in their field and learning how we can replicate this excellence into our own lives

NLP enables you to understand how your mind works and how to change any elements of your mind that may not be working for you such as negative behaviours and habits, limiting beliefs and mind sets, lack of motivation and drive and also enables you to understand how other peoples minds work so you can communicate with them in their language, in the way that they understand

You may be familiar with how much coaching is used within the sports world, especially since the Olympics and whether you are a sports person or not NLP enables you bring the best out of yourself in all areas of your life. How to gain the mind sets of a winner, how to achieve your goals and how to achieve them consistently

If you would like to know more about the benefits of learning NLP, then you can read more on my website and also give me a ring to discuss with you personally about the many huge benefits NLP can bring to all areas of your life

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Friday, 6 December 2013

Weight Loss Tips Made Easy

Are you confused about the best way to lose weight?

I am sure that there will be many people reading this where the answer is "yes" because there are so many different diet plans out there, which one is the best and which one should I follow?

Here are some easy tips for you to start to find out what the best eating plan is for you, Im not a fan of the word diet as I simply don't believe that diets on their own work. If you want to successfully lose weight and keep the weight off a combination of healthy eating, exercise and techniques that help you with your relationship with food, motivation and will power such as NLP and Hypnotherapy is what is required

And as a start, follow these very simple tips to help you to know the changes you can make within your eating habits in a way that is healthy and suits your body - 

  • How much water do you drink? If you are not drinking any water or drinking very little then this could be a major factor in why you are not losing weight
  • How much tea, coffee, energy drinks or fizzy diet drinks are you drinking each day? Many people are filling their system with caffeine, sugars and chemicals from drinking too many of these, cut them back and you will start to notice a difference
  • Do you eat a lot of fruit? While fruit is healthy, fruits also contain high levels of sugars, you are better to get your vitamins and minerals from vegetables as they- especially green vegetables like broccoli, cabbage etc are very high in vitamins and minerals and low in sugars
  • How many carbs do you eat each day? If you wanting to lose weight and are eating over 20 g's a day then you are eating too many, you can download free carb counters from the internet to calculate this
  • Make sure you eat breakfast, many people are skipping meals and going too long without eating and while people tend to think the less you eat the more weight you lose, skipping meals has the opposite effect by slowing down the Metabolic System meaning that the body stores onto fat rather than lose fat
  • The body needs a certain amount of natural fats to burn fat, diet foods take the fat out and replace often with chemicals in an attempt to mimic the natural flavours. Diet foods don't work, go onto the full fat version, its more natural and better for the body and therefore giving the body the levels of natural fats required to burn fat. Making sure you are eating in moderation and sensible amounts - for example full fat mayonnaise is better for you than a diet version and when eaten in sensible amounts
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Weight loss with Hypnotherapy

Why is Hypnotherapy such an important element to successful weight loss?

I meet and work with so many people who have spent their life on one diet or another to lose weight and then put it back on, then they do another diet and lose weight and then they put it back on, why is this?

The reason why is that most people need more help than just being told what foods to eat and how much, most people need help with the reasons why they eat the foods they do, why they cant stay motivated and why they cant seem to get the will power they desperately need and want

This is where Hypnotherapy comes in to help people with their mind sets, to help them regain their will power, motivation, get to the reasons why they eat what they do and if not a healthy reason like emotional eating then to be able to change this

The relation we have with food is so important and Hypnotherapy helps to change this so then it is a healthy relationship, people eat for the right reasons, they are in control of their eating and when this is combined with boosted confidence, motivation and will power, people are able to then lose weight and keep the weight off maintaining a healthy body weight throughout their life

You can